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Discussing the ongoing legal proceedings and all things relating to Bitcoin-24
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Join the mailinglist!

Post by btc24refund »

Dear BTC-24 victims,

In order to have a complete overview of who is interested in reclaiming funds I would like to bring the mailing list under the attention again. All announcements will be sent out trough the mailing list and posted on the forum. In the highly unlikely event this forum goes down again, we will still be able to be in contact trough the mailing list.

Next to this, in the past, victims have sent their name and amount of EUR/USD/BTC owed, to this e-mail address. I have an accurate list of victims who are still waiting for funds from BTC-24. Since we are undertaking steps to prepare legal action we ask as many victims as possible to join our efforts. In time I will send out a mailing to check what the latest status is regarding the outstanding funds.

To join the mailing list, simply send an email to and you will be added to the mailing list and have the guarantee to hear the latest news, first.


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Re: Join the mailinglist!

Post by Izi »

My suggestion: In order to reach as many victims as possible it would be great if Mr. Kuttler ( would publish this annoucment on his blog. ps, I will publish this post on old forum

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Re: Join the mailinglist!

Post by bernard75 »

May i ask what your handle on is?

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Re: Join the mailinglist!

Post by fsi »

Is the mailing list alive?
And is there an archive available?

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Re: Join the mailinglist!

Post by swissvictim »

Not sure it's alive...
Never received an answer, confirmation, news or whatever.

Hopefully a news around October 21st.
Thought a basic confirmation that email has been noticed would have been nice.

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Re: Join the mailinglist!

Post by leonore »

I'd lile to join the list but where am I supposed to verify my old account balance? Still have my login and all. Thanks

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Re: Join the mailinglist!

Post by the0bserver »

Is the mailing list still operating? I sent a mail but got no response...

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Post by Michelemix »

Hi all,

It doesnt appear that the join date script successfully triggered when I recreated my account using my original handle and original email address.

Could I get some help on this front if I cannot have my new handle NightFox updated with my join date?


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