Threats must NOT be posted! Please Read...

Discussing the ongoing legal proceedings and all things relating to Bitcoin-24
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Threats must NOT be posted! Please Read...

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Hello users! The forum's administration team have recently been made aware by the site's hosting provider that someone has made a complaint about a thread on this site. Now, I'm sure most of you can guess who made the complaint :lol:

The post in question could be been perceived as a threat against the proprietors of Bitcoin 24. The post has now been edited.

Because of this complaint we must request that no threats can be posted on this website. This is a website to share information and discuss the ongoing legal movement to get our funds back. I'm sure some of you are very very angry about having your funds lost but you must keep your thoughts to yourself if they could be construed to be a threat.

Thank you for your co-operation and hopefully we will get our assets back from the Polish prosecutor and Simon Hausdorf and the other BTC24 proprietors

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I want to know

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