[Mailing #42] Update from lawyer

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[Mailing #42] Update from lawyer

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Dear BTC victims,

I have received the following mail from our lawyer:


Hello Jeff,

Sorry for late reply – I was just preparing the office for the data collection operation and I am about to start sending in emails to all victims today.

I have spoken to the prosecutor and it would be best if I had the copy of id/passport document of each one of you, so that it will be easier to identify each person in case if we manage to persuade the prosecutor to release the money. I hope it will be fine at your end, as it will make my job easier.

You can though inform all participants that they shall receive email form me this week with initial instruction to send in the personal data (or preferably the id scan) so that I may forward them the power of attorney letter and an invoice.

Kind regards,



Please make sure that the e-mail adres is either

j.liszka <at> kancelaria-liszka <dot> pl
sekretariat <at> kancelaria-liszka <dot> pl

Any donation is welcome at wallet: 12eEc2AHzpdw37udZ95Qg3Av3ahwyii47T

It is also possible to transfer donations via Bankwire, if you are willing to donate via that route, please contact me personally for further details. Donations done through bankwire will also be posted anonymized on the forum for transparancy and verification purposes.


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