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[Mailing #37] Join the discussion!

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Dear BTC-24 victims,

In regards to the report we have received from the lawyer, a lot of questions were asked. At the current moment, they've been filtered down to 10 questions:


1) Is it possible to put a claim on the money, even though the money has been confiscated? BTC-24/Simon Hausdorf, refuses to respond to any form of contact. We fear that when the funds is unfrozen, the funds will be lost. In Germany there is a law that the state can take posession of frozen money if the victims didn't hand in a "Arrestverfahren mit dem Antrag auf Sicherstellung". Idea is you have to hand in an application so that the state safeguards the money for you and cannot transfer it into their possession. This is especially very often the case in Eastern countries.

2)If it is not possible to put a claim on the money, where would be our best place to claim the funds? Examples include
a) as an "official damaged party" in the Polish case,
b) with the German police against Simon,
c) with the UK police against BTC24,
d) with Simon directly

3)If we register as injured party, will this uphold the claim that we are victims of money laundering? In reality we are victims of the confiscation and had nothing to do with the laundering per se.

4) The report mentions that registered victims will not be considered as "left over". What effect will being recognized as a injured party bring?

5) The case has been ongoing for almost 2 years. How will we be able to put more pressure on the investigation so that the funds will be released?

6) What can be expected from money laundering confications in Poland in general? How long does it take for an investigation to finish? How long does it take for a court case to be handled should it come this far?

7) The community has a strong preference for a no cure no pay solution. A percentage of the confiscated funds would be payed out as compensation if you were to succesfully claim the funds for us. Is this an option negotiable?

8)If we decide not to register, would it also be possible to be informed when the case moves forward and make a decision at that time? With all the uncertainties it is hard to make a well thought through decision at the moment without knowing what the prosecutor will do.

9)How can we prove our legitate claim to the money? The administration is in the hands of BTC-24. Simon has not been heard of since months.

10)What can be done to put more pressure on the investigation? A similair investigation took place in Germany; it were the German authorities who requested funds to be confiscated in Poland. The german authorities had already released the funds after a few months while the Polish authorities keep hanging on to it. We feel that this might very well be about the money rather than solving a money laundering case. Could you share your views on this?


If you feel a question which you'd like to see answered is missing, please join the discussion at:

And by all means share your thoughts. I plan on sending the questions to the lawyer this thursday or friday.

Also, many have already e-mailed me signing up for the lawyer to monitor the case. If you are interested in joining, be sure to send a blank e-mail with subject title "join legal action" to btc24.refund <at> gmail <dot> com. Naturally you can also wait till after the questions have been answered by the lawyer if you feel making this decision right now is premature.

Finally, I will send out a test email to all people that have signed themselves up for the legal action. If you have not received an email within the hour, then please notify me.

Any donation is welcome at wallet: 12eEc2AHzpdw37udZ95Qg3Av3ahwyii47T

It is also possible to transfer donations via Bankwire, if you are willing to donate via that route, please contact me personally for further details. Donations done through bankwire will also be posted anonymized on the forum for transparancy and verification purposes.


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