[Mailing #67] Summary of the past 6 months

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[Mailing #67] Summary of the past 6 months

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Dear BTC-24 victims,

It's been more than 6 months since my last mailing. Developments have been slow and adding a pandemic to the whole doesn't help much either. To recap where we are currently; the Polish prosecutor has lifted the charges meaning the confiscated funds are now at Santander in Poland.

However, Santander keeps requesting more information and apostilled documents before granting Simon access to the funds. Simon was about to head over when a pandemic struck. After the funds are accessible, the plan is to transfer it from the "confiscated"-account to a regular bank account at Santander after which Simon says he will start handling claims.

Similar to my last mailing I will summarize the events that have taken place since my last mailing.

18th April
The power of attorney was denied since it was addressed at BZWBK (the former bank whom Simon had an agreement with) and not Santander. Apparantly Santander communicates vaguely and only replies when documents are not in order. The plan is still to head over to Poland

18th June
Situation is still the same. At the time there was a travel ban from wherever Simon was residing. I suggested going by train but He mentions being far away from Poland.

8th July
When entering Poland, there apparently is a 14 day state quarantine. Waiting continues untill travelling restrictions are less severe

13th July
Entering Poland from outside of the EU is banned; regardless of the before mentioned 14 day state quarantine.

31st August
Contacted Polish embassy to see if he can enter; would get back to me soon.

2nd September
Travelling to Poland is not restricted but still the 14 day quarantine applies. Also a permit is required. There was mention where the restriction would be lifted. The plan now is to travel to Poland in October or November. Upon return to wherever he resides, he would have to stay in quarantine but as he mentions he is willing to do so to finalize the case. Unsure at this point is if Santander bank requires more documents or if it indeed is only the power of attorney.

29th september
A special permit is still required and the 14 days of quarantine are also still effective.

10th November
News has come in that Santander will not provide a bank account for the released confiscated funds. Unclear at this point is wether the new power of attorney has been accepted and whether the funds are now accessible. Simon mentions that he is in the process of setting up a bank account at a different bank for "further distribution to the users". Once again we enter the "notarized and apostilled"-narrative


That is all I can tell at the moment. Naturally I've asked various questions in regards to this change of events but have yet to learn more. Unclear to me is why Santander does not provide a bank account; what kind of bank he has in mind; what is to prevent this transaction to be flagged as suspicious and various other questions. 

To be continued yet again.
Regards, Jeff

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Re: [Mailing #67] Summary of the past 6 months

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Keep up, Jeff :!:

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Re: [Mailing #67] Summary of the past 6 months

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We are exactly where we were 2 years ago.

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Re: [Mailing #67] Summary of the past 6 months

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Simon is playing for time. He does not want to be quarantined for 14 days ? well people don't want to be scammed.

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Re: [Mailing #67] Summary of the past 6 months

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Keep up the good work.

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Re: [Mailing #67] Summary of the past 6 months

Post by lemon »

Dear Jeff!
I recently found this forum (again). I received my 72 % compensation of the euro balance in my account in January 2014. I still miss the other 28 percent. Also I believe there should have been some remaining BTC, but I don't know how much and if maybe had the chance to withdraw them. It's to long ago to remember in detail. I though have bank statements from topping up my account there and from the refund.

So my two questions are:
Those remaining 28 percent, will they be paid back once the money at Santander can be accessed?
What about the BTC-balances? Were there any payouts?Is there still any chance to get the btc-balance back?

Thank you very much for your effort.
You can contact me also through mail - we have polish language skills and will visit Poland in 2021 again, if that would be from help somehow!

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Re: [Mailing #67] Summary of the past 6 months

Post by Mplo »

Hello everybody.
Last update Jeff did(nov 2020) he spoke about the fiat money at Santander. But what about the BTC?, I sugest to open a twitter account and meet all the victims there. And search for any help in the media as Stacy Herbert... and put over the table BTC24 again.

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Re: [Mailing #67] Summary of the past 6 months

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Hi Mplo!

We have a skype channel as well!

What actions do you want to take?

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