[Mailing #66] Reconstruction of the last few months

Discussing the ongoing legal proceedings and all things relating to Bitcoin-24
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[Mailing #66] Reconstruction of the last few months

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Dear BTC-24 victims,

It's been a while since the last mailing and generally that means that progress has continued to be slow. In my last mailing I spoke of the writing of a solicitor having to arrive in order for the bank blockade to lift. 

To give some more perspective to what has happened I've added a small summarized reconstruction of how this has progressed so far. Needless to say, I've continued to push, suggest, advise, influence, council and whatnot to actively participate a satisfying outcome to this ordeal. The response I got from that effort allows for this reconstruction:

27th May - 2019
I've received word that the treasury solicitor in the UK needs to hand out a document that Simon and BTC24 ltd were related. This process was estimated to take 12 weeks starting from 17th of May. 

July 11th - 2019
I received word that the court will probably wrap up the documents required shortly. It is mentioned that preparations are taken to handle the claims that were registered with me but also to look into non-registered claims. Counting from June 28th, it should take about 6 weeks.

August 27th - 2019
No response and in week 9. Simon seeks out his lawyer to clarify.

August 30th - 2019
The court order has arrived which is required by the Santander bank to finally lift the blockade. The document is in english and needs to be translated and notarized and then delivered to the bank. This felt like a final step.

September 26th - 2019
Documents have arrived at the legal department of the bank. No verdict yet.

October 6th - 2019
Bank confirms the needed documents are completed but apostille with notarization is missing. It is also unclear if the bank will give Simon an account after the lift. This is quite crucial to handle all the claims. Simon's personal account is still active so that seems hopeful. 

November 6th - 2019
Document has been submitted and bank confirms they've received it. Interesting fact is that the money cannot be transferred to a personal account it has to be a company account or a trust account from a lawyer. The bank is keeping a very close eye on the money. As soon as the blockade is lifted, Simon pledges to communicate how he sees reimbursement. 

November 21th - 2019
Simon called the bank. They could not give a status update and would rather mail him. 

November 28th - 2019
against all odds the bank is requesting another document. Simon has contacted a lawfirm with a branch nearby the bank and requested to personally handle this as phone/mail/letter is, you've guessed it, too sluggish.

December 25th 2019
Holidays; power of attorney has been sent to the new lawfirm within close proximity of the bank.
January 13th - 2020 
Bank is yet again checking documents provided. New lawyer is confident that everything now should be in order.

January 15th - 2020
Documents are being translated. Update next week.

January 29th - 2020
No update yet.

February 11th - 2020 
Bank does not accept the power of attorney from the new lawfirm. The power of attorney was written for the Santander bank but should he be written for the BWZBK. Santander acquired the BZWBK but the contract is still with the BWZBK so this means a new power of attorney for the BWZBK, get that notarized and apostilled. Looking at 2 weeks again.

March 28th 2020 -
Lockdown. It's been hard to get an appointment at the embassy to get the documents certified and apostilled. Simon wants to head over to Poland and get things sorted but borders are closed at the moment.

While results have been absent, the effort put into this is still very much real. A btc24 victim messages me asking if I still have confidence and hope in this case. I can only say yes, because to me, there is no other option. 

I refuse to give up. We've crossed the 7 year mark already since btc-24 went down and it's been a tremendously long time. Starting at the iffy lawfirm that was first hired by Simon, to the Polish prosecutor that sat on the confiscated money, to the tens if not hundreds of appeals sent by us, to the prosecutor being replaced, to finally having in writing that the charges have been dropped, to the bank now being pretty stiff about lifting the blockage. 

We've endured a lot but considering that there is contact with Simon and he has undertaken action (with proof such as postage receipts and giving insight in track&trace of his sent mail) I can only hope that we're past 95% of the effort. That is at least how I see the current situation and I will keep hammering on results and keep chasing until the day comes that we can finally see our claim being honored.

I wish you all good health in these bizarre times. Stay safe.


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Re: [Mailing #66] Reconstruction of the last few months

Post by klingstorm »

I appreciate your efforts, Jeff!

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Re: [Mailing #66] Reconstruction of the last few months

Post by Izi »

Thank you for the update. This is like never ending mexican telenovela.

Keep us updated.

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Re: [Mailing #66] Reconstruction of the last few months

Post by Barth »

Thanks ! I stopped the notifications from the forum due to the enormous amount of spam. Thus I see this message only now.

Would it be possible to prevent spam some how ? or even lock the forum and use it just for your announcements ?

Thank you again.

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Re: [Mailing #66] Reconstruction of the last few months

Post by bernard75 »

Reconstruction of the last 7 years

"WE are almost there"
"WE will go thru this together."
"Its only a matter of time" my fav"

Stop bullshiting people and tell them that it was most probably an unintentional exit scam.

But your legendary blunders made me at least smile:
Remember referring to the bank as the same although it was bought 2+ years ago by another bank.
Oh, and not even knowing the right prosecutor, his lawyer and ...wait for it... the freaking city the trial was held.

Anyway, this is Simon living like a king in a 4 star resort on Koh Samui just a few months after the closure.
If you are still hoping to get your coins back, i can send you all the info per Email. PM me.

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Re: [Mailing #66] Reconstruction of the last few months

Post by the0bserver »

If you are still hoping to get your coins back, i can send you all the info per Email. PM me.
Unable to PM you as I believe I've not posted enough (which is extremely annoying...)

Feel free to PM me bernard75, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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