[Mailing #62] Short update regarding bank communication

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[Mailing #62] Short update regarding bank communication

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Dear BTC-24 victims,

As mentioned in the last mailing Simon got in touch with the Polish bank (Bank Zachodni WBK) in order to get the account unfrozen. Before the account could be made accessible again though, Simon had to send a few forms and have them notarized. It was also mentioned this would happen within 2 weeks; we're now at week 6. It turns out, unexpectedly, that the notarized documents weren't enough for the bank.

The bank requested a lot of information regarding the company, a current register, notarized and apostilled and two ID documents to even get access to that bank account (They told Simon before that a power of attorney was enough). Simon had to get his passport renewed and request an official ID card as secondary means of identification.

From what I now know is that all the information/documents/etc. required are now gathered and will be submitted within again; 2 weeks. Simon will see if its possible to use the Polish bank account to handle the claims of the victims. This is not certain as of yet.

As soon as I know more, I'll spread the word.


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Re: [Mailing #62] Short update regarding bank communication

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Thank you.

Ok, shouldn't Simon also get back in touch with us (his costumers), because some of us changed the bank, address, email etc., in order to facilitate the process of returning the money? Or maybe our lawyer can help him with this?

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Re: [Mailing #62] Short update regarding bank communication

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We're entering the 4th week after this update. Did Simon submit the required documents?

Also, spammers seem to have discovered this forum. Who can delete the spam posts?

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Re: [Mailing #62] Short update regarding bank communication

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