[Mailing #60] Minor update about current state

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Re: [Mailing #60] Minor update about current state

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Hi guys,

i totally agree with you! If i were Simon i would push my lawyer to get the offical outcome of the investigation... I mean it must be very much stress for him too. He is playing on time since the beginning, maybe he doesn´t have to pay the funds if enough time is gone.

Izi where are you from? As i wrote a long time ago, im although planing to charge simon in germany...


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Re: [Mailing #60] Minor update about current state

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Hey Jeff,

Could you please give us an update? It's been quite a while, and it seems very strange that it would take this an entire year for a lawyer to receive a message.


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Good morning, my fellow mates I just wanna ask, when will the said site will update the ranks of the beginners whose post is on the way enough mark to be called as Member, Jr Member and many more

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