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Faceter Tokensale|Apply for Tokens Today and Get +20% Bonus!

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:57 am
by asdyi
**Get in with FACETER- 2018's BIGGEST RECORD BREAKING ICO and Tokensale
and receive 20% bonus in tokens! No verification required <$50,000**

You can now purchase FACE with limited 20% bonus for early birds. When
248M tokens have been sold, the bonus will be 0% for the remining tokens.
Apply for tokens to complete the purchase.

Over $10 Million In 20 Seconds, softcap reached as FACETER Beats ALL Token
Presale Records On a Falling Market!

Join the surveillance revolution today and get FACE before they skyrocket!
Listings already approved on multiple exchanges including HitBit.

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The Faceter Team