[Mailing #58] Current status

Discussing the ongoing legal proceedings and all things relating to Bitcoin-24
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[Mailing #58] Current status

Post by btc24refund »

Dear BTC24-victims,

Some time has passed since my last mailing, seeing the vivid conversations in the forum I thought it was best to send out a mailing and clear some things up.

All effort into getting BTC24 refund its users have been for both, BTC-holders and for Fiat-holders. No discrimination between the groups; we are all victim of the same mishap. With bitcoin soaring to new heights, I can imagine things start to itch. I ask to supress this itch.

I'm still actively working behind the scenes to get things into position. From what I can tell, the funds is still frozen but will be released somewhere in the upcoming weeks, not days. Could even be start of 2018.

Next to this, the lawyer of Simon has not yet received the official outcome of the ceased investigation by the prosecutor.
This, apparently, leaves little room for communication. Communication from Simon was initially ceased to prevent a negative outcome for the investigation on his lawyer's advice.

I've also been mailed about stories where someone, through a friend of Simon, heard he'll never pay anything back.
From the other end, I've been hearing stories about those same friends being threatened.

I'd like to focus on the matter at hand and only listen to a direct source (Simon/his lawyer).
As far as I can tell he still seems more than willing to resolve the matter.

Concerning legal action from, what seems, "BTC-only"-holders. Everyone is free to do as he pleases, however I would personally, at this point, advise against legal action seeing the funds are still frozen and he has not been able to formally make a statement.

Legal action at this point will only lengthen the process. Should his intentions after release of the confiscation be of unsavory nature, then legal action of course is the next logical step but that goes for Fiat-holders as well. Hence, legal action would be a logical next step for all victims should BTC24 refuse to pay out.

My next course of action will be to figure out what has gone wrong in Poland when the official outcome had been sent. As soon as I know more, or should there be other important events, I will inform you as usual.


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Re: [Mailing #58] Current status

Post by andrew1980 »

Thanks for taking the time to give us all an update Jeff. It's somewhat reassuring to hear something back from you and Simon's lawyer. In my mind some things still don't quite match up, such as the fact, as pointed out in the other threads, that the BTC were never frozen (and the lawyer's unwillingness to give a direct statement on that) and the fact that Simon apparently attempted to dissolve the UK company this year. But nonetheless, it's good to know things are moving along for the time being.

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Re: [Mailing #58] Current status

Post by Izi »

Thank you.

I agree with your statement, for now it's best to wait if and when the bank account gets unfrozen. However, I hope that Simon/his lawyer will release a statement beforehand and explain how and when will they return money. I hope that they will also explain what's with the BTC claims, but people who think that they will get their BTC back or BTC in the equivalent sum of todays money are seriously delusional.

Let's be patient just a little bit more - a few more months is nothing compared to eternity :lol:

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Re: [Mailing #58] Current status

Post by btc24refund »

andrew1980 wrote:
Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:10 pm
I agree, there are matters that don't make sense. There's no telling what people do when being pushed to the edge so I cannot say what his motives were in the past.

What I do know is that the confiscation and the accompanied investigation is a rather large factor in the whole equation. Once that is lifted, I expect that one way or the other we'll take a step forward. The matter then returns to BTC24 and it's victims; removing the Polish authorities as a party of no added value.

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Re: [Mailing #58] Current status

Post by SunnySunday »

Thank you Jeff for keeping us posted. Let's all hope this can get resolved without further legal action.

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Re: [Mailing #58] Current status

Post by tylben85 »

Jeff, thank you for this update. If anything it is very settling to know that there is still hope for us all. I appreciate the effort you put in.

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